Soaking.Net – Online 24/7 Prayer Room

Soaking.Net is a labor of love birthed for worshipers who value passion and intimacy with God.

With a soft spot for the broken among us in the Body of Christ and all those seeking a quiet place to bathe and soak in the manifest revelation of God’s love for them individually, Soaking.Net is an online prayer room of sort offering 24/7 anointed streaming music for personal or corporate times of “waiting on the Lord.” This is made possible thanks to a number of musicians and singers who graciously contribute freely their songs for the playlists.You can find more information about them and purchase their music by using the ARTISTS tab on the menu.

A moderated prayer box is also offered where visitors can safely post their prayer needs, pray for others or share praise reports in answer to prayer. It has proven to be a source of great comfort and spiritual advancement to many.

On Soaking.Net, we further share resources we feel will be helpful to the pursuing of godliness and transformation, devotion and love. These resources are free and in the form of writings, visual arts, videos, free e-books, etc.

All content of this website comes from both hidden gems as well as better-known ministers from mainstream Christianity. We love to honor the labor of love of those who seek fresh manna from God in order to bring food to the hungry and fresh water to the thirsty.

The site is used by an average of 500 people a day, coming for as many as 245 nations and territories.

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