1 Hour Stream – Songs for the Night Seasons


QUOTE: “These songs are only sketches from my early mornings of prayer and meditation. They’re improvisations that came after completing “Arc of Visibility.” I felt that perhaps they could serve a purpose as peaceful background music for those who are experiencing a “dark night of the soul.” You are not alone, God is there.”
~ Richard Souther

THE HEART OF MAN (full movie)


Why do we lust? Is porn the escape or the dungeon? Hope is real…
(Sadly interrupted with 15 seconds ads… but a fascinating look at the heart of a wounded child growing into an adult).
“The Heart of Man is a cinematic retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son, intertwined with contemporary and poignant true testimonies of personal and sexual brokenness.
These two genres are combined as never before to reveal the compassionate heart of God the father for his sons and daughters illuminating an age-old truth: Shame is not a barrier to God’s love, but a bridge to absolute transformation, victory, freedom and hope.”


Weakness – Amber Saunders


From Amber Saunders: “In this song I am coming before the Lord from a place of brokenness and weakness, asking for His presence and His strength. It acknowledges our dependency on God, knowing that He is strong when we feel weak and that He can fill us when we feel empty. (John 15:5 – Jesus says to His disciples, “Apart from me, you can accomplish nothing.”) 

Contemplative prayer music…

:: REMANENCE :: [Music to Tune the Soul, January 2019]

In physics, remanence refers to the magnetic induction remaining in a magnetized substance, even when no longer under external magnetic influence.

By extension, a lingering after-glow which remains with us long after a spiritual experience contemplative prayer occurred, or when we resonate from being moved to compassion by someone’s story we then carry with us, affecting our heart, soul, mind.

André Lefebvre