ANDRÉ LEFEBVRE – beyond Soaking.Net…

Soaking.Net is a ministry designed to provide encouragement and comfort to listeners through soaking music, timely words, prophetic art and more. It is meeting the need of thousands around the world who love to bask in God’s presence at home, at work, church, school, etc. André shares a passion to see the broken healed, the hungry be fed and the lonely be seen, so that God be glorified in the embrace of the prodigals finding Him and being loved by Him as they are.

He now lives in a rural Alberta where they enjoy the picturesque scenery and the quiet simplicity of friendly, small town living, always wanting to see the healing of the brokenhearted through sounds of anointed music and other art forms.


Andre is a musician, visual artist and writer. His art carries the fingerprints of his personal ongoing journey, and is a draw for hearts and souls to experience peace, inspiration, and the reality and felt presence of God. He calls it “tuning the soul.”

He has been composing original music on piano from the age of about 12 years old, and with synthesizers since the late 80’s. He loves to explore sounds and release their inherent power to move souls toward wholeness. God has sowed and nurtured in him a passion to see the continuous and persistent fulfillment of Isaiah 61 through anointed artworks.

In 1997, Andre did studio work with Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Jim Goll, Ken Gott and Wesley Campbell, playing inspirational keyboards and piano while they would each pray books of the Bible, which they were particularly drawn to in the essence of their own devotional lives, ministries and destinies. Within about 3 months, close to 10 albums were thus spontaneously recorded.

Fire of Love (Mike Bickle), Prayers from the Desert (Wes Campbell) and Prayers for the Harvest (Ken Gott) were released with Andre’s music. The music for Mike Bickle’s “Bride’s Anthem” was completed but only released as a personal solo project (Patmos).

To date, Andre has professionally released four solo instrumental devotional albums, and has also worked live and in studio on collaborations (Enjoying God “live” at Kansas City Metro with David Ruis – 1999), as well as participating in worship ministry in local churches.